My relationship with the Leather Jacket

Jacket: Veda, Leggings: Asos, Sunnies: Rayban, Boots: APC

  • I have to admit, I had a bit of a break-up with my leather jackets. As I started to reach the 30 mark. I was leaning more towards pieces I thought made me look more "grown". I think this sudden split came from some deep part of me that wanted to get rid of the feelings I associated my leather jackets with.
  • I partied a LOT in my 20's. I think it's safe to say I'll never have a mid life crisis. No "I wish I did" moments for me. More like "I can't believe I did that". I remember a period of my life where I use to wear the craziest outfits. Colors that just didn't really go together, but I somehow made work. I also loved leather jackets. I was going thru this phase in my life where I wasn't quite sure who I was, but at the same time SUPER CONFIDENT. Does that make any sense ?...Am the only one who has ever felt that indescribable feeling of now not really knowing what to do, because you don't know who you are yet. My 20's were fast and fun and I regret nothing. Yet for some reason whenever I am presented a leather jacket a wave of emotions flood over me. I'm left with this feeling of not knowing if I should put the jacket on or not.....isn't that weird for a jacket to hold so much power over me?
  • This is because the leather jacket reminds me of the person I grew out of. My other shell. The girl I use to be. But in order to grow we need to embrace everything about who we are, then and NOW.
  • I brought this Veda Jacket with me to Paris because I wanted to create new memories with my new relationship with leather. I love how it makes me feel now. This is also the only leather jacket I own (I told you we really broke up and I sold ALL of them.) I know I'm going to keep this jacket for a very long time.
  • She's my 30's leather and I'm excited to one day write about her when I'm 40.