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Sundance – Canada Goose

Parka: Canada Goose, sweater: Topshop, pants: RES Denim, shoes: Prada First trip of the year and the bar has been set very high! I kicked the year off with Canada Goose at Sundance! And let’s just say with Canada Goose being the official Sundance sponsor I was in very good hands. I can’t remember the… Read more »

50 Bleu { Sundance }

The 50 Bleu adventure team ┬áhit the slopes in Park City for Sundance, I can’t lie we didn’t see many movies, and I ended up really hurting my arm the 1st day, because I’m a graceful human, but that didn’t stop me living my actual best life. Snow gear | Jacket & Ski pants: J… Read more »