Postcards from Marfa


Jacket: Vintage top: Shop Doen jeans: rebecca Taylor sandals: Teva 2nd outfit top & Skirt: Plant

I'd visited Marfa before, but for less than 24 hours. You can't see a town in 24 hours, even one as small as Marfa. It's day 7 now, and I feel as though I'm just getting to know this tiny desert gem. I've spent 90% of my time outdoors exploring and eating a lot. This place honestly has some of the best food I've ever tasted. The menus are small, but well curated, and I've tried almost every restaurant here. I hit a new one every day, with the exception of some repeats for lunch ('ve been to The Water Stop three times, for example). I didn't even realize until my second time there, but its owned and operated by a friend of mine!  Either the world is very small or I just know a lot of people.  Really, what are the odds that I'd walk into a restaurant in the middle of West Texas and bump into a friend ?? Of course it happens to me. I packed very light, as I usually do, bringing only two pairs of shoes with me, white flats which are now filthy, and my Teva sandals  Their new spring collection really resonates with my personal style.  I like classic pieces, the stuff that lasts forever, and Teva sandals are a great travel staple for all my adventures. They're the no brainer shoe, the shoe you bring when you're not sure where the trip is going to take you.