Tell me a happy ending

  • *Just thoughts*
  • Coat: Asos (blue) - hat: Patricia Underwood - Vest- Vintage Calvin Klien sweater: Asos jeans: Free Assembly 
  • photography: La Vida Rosalita
  • I still hate happy go lucky movies and I still don't watch things that make me laugh even though I should. I'm not any more different than you, in fact I'm quite ordinary, I have simple likes and I like average things. Spending as much time I did alone made me realize that and that made me happy...the realizing part.
  • Remember that amusement park? Yeah, I've walked away from that. I don't know when I'll ever go back. I've been out of line for so long I don't even know what being in line feels like. What is love? Is love the obsession?
  • I don't know how to half like a person, I don't know what all these games are and why people play them. If I like you...YOU WILL KNOW.   Maybe that is my flaw. I hear things like "when someone likes you they will like you for all your flaws" But what if that's just a bunch of total ass shit. What if your flaws are not what make you beautiful, but they are what they are...flaws.
  • I want that feeling feel like I can really be myself despite all my flaws. But for now I'm happy being alone. I feel more myself than I've ever felt. Perhaps reaching my peak maturity. I'm not there yet! But that's the fun of it all...the journey of reaching it. The mistakes you make, that shape you.
  • p.s
  • I'm opening more up in instagram these days. Showing my more fun creative side, you guys can really see me now and I like that...the seeing me part.