A Diary: Biarritz & thoughts on Flying

  • So far summer 2020 has been been somewhat of a curveball. I found myself enjoying long days of solitude and  welcoming the nights where I yet again had zero plans. The only actual plans I had for the entire summer was to fly back home and the date was set for Aug 12th. 
  • I partnered up with Air France for my trip to Biarritz. I’ve been a KLM client ever since I can remember and lord knows I love a good royalty program. 
  • As someone who was pretty nervous about doing the mildest of actives I have to say the airport was very much a safe space. The AF lounge went above and beyond in ensuring that the space was a clean and save environment, with closed packaged items for food and social distanced seating. At every gate stood a sanitizing station and social distancing for your row was very much respected and put in place. Honestly if there are any new rules that I’d like to keep, it would be that one!
  • If you're having any hesitation about being on board the flight let me tell you that it was a very enjoyable experience. There is this feeling of camaraderie, we truly are all in this together and that’s how I felt on board. 
  • Cut to now: 
  • It’s been almost a week and I feel like it’s been a month, thats usually how it feels when I go back home. Everything just falls into place and conversations start as if they never ended. Biarritz is just a beautiful as ever and it’s spirit has not been lost despite the terrible circumstances. 
  • I got a bike so that I wouldn’t feel so bad about eating and drinking. I believe this is what you call “balance” in all the years I’ve been coming back home this is the first time I’ve actually worked out, maybe’t it’s because I was always guilted into working out. When I workout now it’s for ME. In the past I felt a heavy pressure to be healthy. I was often told not to eat something because It wasn’t "bad for you". I realize now everything I did was always being judged…I was constantly under a microscope.  Huffs of breath if I scattered my things around or talked to loud, being told to stop talking or having my head pat if I said something a little silly. I feel free this summer I can FINALLY be myself without wondering if I’m going to piss someone off and my God it’s the best feeling ever.