Destination : Hunter Mountain

  • Dress: Rouje | Blouse: Vintage | Pants: COS | Hat: Janessa Leone
  • Most of my time this summer was spent upstate either day tripping or long weekends, basically any free time I had was used to escape the city. Summer in NYC is honestly so unbearable I don't understand how more people don't just pick up and leave.One of my most visited places was Scribner's Lodge located in Hunter mountain, about a 3 hour car ride from the city. My last visit was in late July for my boyfriends birthday, not just any was the 3 0. We decided  to go all out and get the Scribner Suite which fit 6 of us super comfortably. If you're going with a big group of friends it just makes sense.
  • Mornings were spent at Prospect followed up with some pool time, yes they have a pool and it over looks Hunter mountain, it's so peaceful. We usually end the afternoon with a good ol hike, my least favorite activity but I'm super good at pretending I love walking around in the woods. I created a little list for those of you who like to Hike, Jump & picnic. All places are close to the hotel!
  • Things to do in and around Hunter Mountain.
Kaaterskill Falls: A very pretty pretty fun hike, but please be careful people have died trying to take the perfect IG photo...seriously google it ! (about 15mins from the hotel  
Huckleberry Trail:  This is a hike path that leads to a cool creek  really cute and a perfect picnic spot (7mins from hotel)
FawnsLeap: More of a cliff jumping sort of vibe. I've jumped from here before it's fun BUT HIGH, 15mins from hotel)
North South Lake Campground: Big lake situation sorry vibe
MillStream Swimming hole: More of a relaxed vibe could be fun for picnic and floats (30mins from hotel)
Prospect is the restaurant in Scribners, it's AMAZING, please order the pancakes for can thank me later.
Deer Mountain inn is about a 10min drive from the hotel and on some pretty amazing property