The home series

  One of my favorite people came over the other week to shoot some photos of me in my apt. Sam Livm is the type of guy that you can't not  get along with, if you don't, something is wrong with you. He gets my weird humor, ( something  not super important to me but, but sometimes yes) We shot a lot in my room, my bed was broken at the time. The box spring sorta just stopped working and kept going either left or those playground things that go up and down...except not as dramatic.I decided that to make this series even more interesting I'd answer a few questions from you guys. Yesterday I asked you guys to send me some questions for a Q&A  below are some of my favorite questions and a few of my own added.
  • What's your favorite place in your apartment? I like my dining room the most, I spend most of my time in there drinking tea and listening to music from my Echo (yes I use one it's amazing). I do all my computer work there too.
  • What's your plan on decorating the new apartment? I'm really taking my time on this one. I want everything to feel lived in, I'm steering clear of mass produced sites so no Ikea or West Elm..nothing modern. I'm also super lucky because my father is a contractor and he is has been super helpful.
  • Any advice for moving to NYC? You will never forget your first apartment and it also will not be your last, I've moved 4x! Check out the apartment in the day time to see what kind of light it gets. Light is super important to me, it can get super dark and grey in the winter, which can be a bit depressing.  Also if you can...try and negotiate, nothing is ever set in stone !
  • Your favorite recipe?  Well I just finished making homemade sweet potato soup and it came out super tasty. At the moment I'm trying to perfect a good chili, I tried this recipe a few weeks ago and it was delicious!
  • Any tips on entertaining at home? I LOVE entertaining. I'm such a host it's not even funny.
This is how I like to entertain if some friends come to drink wine and chill
  1. The key to a perfect night are the right guest, an interesting fun group that gets along.
  2. Having music on is so one wants to sit in silence that's weird.  I made this playlist called Fun Home last week, some non distracting background music
  3. FOOD: I usually have a cheese plate on the table and a little bowl of chips (if they eat it great, if they don't who cares, but they will remember you had food!)
  • How did you find that beautiful apartment? I used Street Easy!! I checked every single day for almost a month strait hour on the hour. Finding the perfect apartment had become an obsession, but it paid off..I love my apt so much.
  • Tattoo game strong! What tats do your currently have, want or regret? I have 13 tattoos! I don't necessarily regret any, but I do wish my 1st one wasn't so shitty, my friend who did it was still learning. Oh well.
  • What influences your style? Do you ever do a complete 180- style wise? I watch a lot of TCM haha, don't know if that answers your question. (just kiddin, but I do) I think I truly grew into my personal style when I turned 26/27. I wouldn't say it was a 180 but I sorta just figured out what I felt super comfortable in, It was always there but I was still figuring out who I was.
  • Do you read your old blog posts? Choosing a blog name can be tricky sometimes, how did you come up with yours( which is really nice btw)? Ahaha, thats a super good question and come to think of it...very rarely. If I'm looking for something I'll skim thru and smile to myself because I feel like my writing has changed a lot thru the years. My brother came up with my blog name actually !! So I'd like to personally thank Philip Charles for that one.
  • What is Moti Ankari like IRL: Moti is one of the funniest people I know. I'm actually super lucky because all my friends make me laugh so hard. Moti just really says the funniest shit when he's mad though.
  • How often do you clean out your closet and get rid of items?  I have the hardest time getting rid of shit. Everything I wear reminds me of something. A dress I wore on a first date, the jeans I wore when I cried for what seemed like forever, the bag I had when I found out some amazing news....memories.
  • You're a Cancer aren't you? Oh yea...totally