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Ray Bans are my thing. When I say they are my thing I mean like I love them and they belong to me. I usually do the typical classic wayfarer but since my hair has been lookin extra cute even though its at it's weird growing out stage round lenses are working for me.
Turtleneck: Asos, jeans: A Gold E , shoes: Prada, neckerchief: Kitsune, sunglass: Ray Ban  bag: Saint Laurent
I got these Ray Ban's from Sunglass Hut and I actually have a confession to make! I never lose my stuff, honestly I'm great with keeping things clean and in order, but a week after buying these I lost them walking home! I simply couldn't live without them and the following day returned back to the same Sunglass Hut to buy another pair. Early Christmas gift to myself...again.
Wore this outfit the other day holiday shopping with Justin, I have to apologize if you've been seeing different variations of the same outfit over and over again. I love my camel coat and I like wearing it with turtlenecks. That's the one thing about me, once I love something I wear it to death, sorta like these glasses and how these are the only things on my face.
With two more days till Christmas there is still time to stop by a Sunglass Hut and pick up that last minute gift. If you happen to be in New York stop by the one in SoHo on broadway. My vignette is still there and it might be a great source of inspiration when gift giving. The good thing about sunglasses is that everybody needs them!