Modern City

Sweater: Ganni, Skirt: Clover Canyon, shoes: Coach, bag: Elizabeth & James 

As much as I'd like to live in jeans and basic tops my entire life I'm coming to the slow realisation that I can't..that's pretty much it..I just can't haha. I feel like i'm taking off a band aid right now. Going into Fall (although my favorite month) makes me sad, because this means summer is over, which mean no more roof top BBQ's not like I was invited to any..but that's cool I didn't want to go anyways...I was super busy and stuff and it probably went strait to spam.

You're going to be seeing a lot of this Ganni sweater. It's the perfect amount of oversize with a huge collar I can hid my face into and since I like to spice things up (cause I'm very cool and unpredictable) I added this pop of green, the texture reminds me of plastic which is a great thing to stare at when you're bored.

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( you'll wish you could have those 39secs of your life back at the end..but you can't, you can never get those seconds lost and for that I apologize in advance )