{ Classic } Plain T + Denim

Top: StyleMint, jeans: The Frankie Shop, Shoes: Keds x Kate Spade, jacket: Missguided

There is something so sexy about basic's and being comfortable just wearing what makes you happy and being comfortable in your own skin, wore this in SoHo last week. The weather was perfect everything about this day was smooth.
Happiness is so important for me and I feel like I've sacrificed so much of my personal happiness for other people, whether it be for friends or boys. I turn 27 in a month (I'm a cancer baby.) I want to start these first couple days of spring/summer doing things for me and concentrating on all things good. the past two plus months have been super tough and stressful. Hiding how I really felt and not opening up, pushing back so many emotions I didn't even know how to feel in the end. 

Just know that if you feel or have felt this way before you aren't alone and sometimes certain things happen so we can grow again... or wake up.

If you ever want to talk you know where to find me (here)