The Summer Prep

Top: LNA, Shorts: American Eagle, ring: Jennifer Zeuner
Shaving cream : EOS, lotion: EOS

 Prepping for summer is exciting, but not always an easy task, especially for this tom boy over here (yeah I'm talking about me).
I can't help it; I'm single and honestly New York's been so cold the mere idea of sitting on my fire escape in shorts seemed like a dream, until only a couple days ago.

Top: Brandy Melville, jeans: ASOS, shoes: Sandro, sunnies: Vintage, lip balm: EOS

I don't know about you, but I  get super picky with new products, especially when they're going on my skin. I've just recently been introduced to EOS Shaving cream, although I have a friend who swears she let me use some of hers a couple months ago, haha. I would have remembered though, because it's hands down the best shaving cream I've ever used in my life. I don't throw around this word a lot...but I'm obsessed. 

I leave for St. Thomas tomorrow and it's a day before and I just started packing.  I'm that last min type of packer, the girl that throws stuff in her suitcase two hours before her flight because she overslept! People do change, or as my mother would like to put it "grow up”, so I'm making sure I don't forget the important stuff and pack all of my must have items, which obviously includes the EOS shaving cream… I'm going to be in a bikini, so you know the drill.

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