White escape

Shirt: Gat Rimon, pants: Joes Jeans hat: Worth &Worth, jacket: Parker,

Photography: Serena Goh

It's been a while since I've had the time to actually post my personal street style. Been a bit backed up this past month, trying to make a conscience effort to go back to my roots and not forget why I started this site in the first place. 
My blog turned 5 years old in February...(Never been very good at remembering dates). After 5 years Trop Rouge & I have grown so much, heck even after a month I feel like I've changed. Thank you for continuing to read and follow me. Without you guys many things would be not possible...so thank you.


This all white ensemble has been a recent go to. I use to be scared of something that could dirty so quickly, but quickly remembered I'm not a child and should be able to handle not spilling everything on myself, also the fact that these jeans repel spills helps.