The Maasi Project | For The Cause

Top: Stories, overalls: Res Denim, Sandals: Pikolinos hat: Stillwater

Photography: Justin Bridges

One of my favorite things about doing what I do is learning about new brands and all the different nonprofit organizations.  I don't just go on Tumblr and laugh at gifs. I'm also passionate about women's right and the hope for a brighter future for so many families in need, which is why I love working with brands that give back or have a purpose! 

I recently collaborated with Spanish shoe brand Pikolinos; behind the Maasi  Project. It's unbelievable the good this project does. The profits are returned to Maasai women.  As a result of this amazing nonprofit foundation these women are able to earn their own paychecks and the opportunity to send their children to school. 

It seems crazy since we wake up with food in our pantries and the idea of being forced to go to school was legit torture for me growing up.  But to know that each sandal tells a story, about a Maasai woman and her determination for a better life for her and her family it's simply amazing. Really makes you appreciate what you have...nothing should be taken for granted.

Pikolinos has invited William Kikanae Pere, the Maasai Tribal Chief from Kenya, to Harry's Shoes in New York on April 25th (1pm - 4pm / Broadway &83rd) to meet with consumers and promote the Maasai Project with Pikolinos. It's a way to raise awareness for the Maasi Project which has successfully promoted both economic and cultural sustainability as well as tell the stories of the people who help create the here to read their story!