The Signature

Top: FCUK, Jeans: Storets, shoes; Dear Frances, Polish: "The Match" exclusively at Sephora

Something I talk about a lot is having the perfect staple. The perfect white shirt, the everyday denim, the little black dress...see where I'm going with this?
 As a woman it's nice to have that signature look, something we can always rely on, the "Go To" if you will.
 Which is why when I was approached by Formula X to collaborate on the launch of their new product it was a no brainer. 
I already have my signature lipstick, but I always find it hard finding the right polish. My biggest fear was going into a store searching for a color and looking at a trillion different shades that just didn't work for me.

 Formula X joined forces with the Sephora makeup pro team figuring out the most flattering shade for our skin tone. 
Now with "The Match" (sold exclusively at Sephora) you can chose a shade that fits your skin tone. I picked the medium to deep set. The nude color ‘Evocative’ is the perfect everyday signature look I usually wear and the darker red ‘Curiosity’ is great for night time or meetings, when I'm pretending to be an adult. The other two shades are really rad for summer.

I'm been trying to save money by cutting down, so I've been doing my own nails. This is an actual fact. I've not done my nails in almost two months! Its a great $$ saver and as we all know everything counts!! That's another thing I love about The Match Clix!'s tiny enough to just throw in your bag or do your nails in the cab something taxi drivers do NOT like haha.  Just pop it out do your thing then click it back in. 

On another equally as cool note I'll be taking over the Formula X Snapchat so please follow me there tomorrow (April 3rd) I'll be running around all day. Feel free to follow them on Instagram @formulaxnail  #ColorThatClix