Timex | Time to GLO | GIVEAWAY


I feel like this past month has gone by so fast. One resolutions I tend to give myself every year is to life a little more slowly, taking the  time to enjoy every moment, but it can be hard to disconnect when we are surrounded by nothing but distractions! Now that New York is entering spring I can finally enjoy a nice walk to one of my favorite book stores, keep my phone in my pocket and read something I didn't find on Tumblr.

I partnered up with Timex to help countdown to Earth Hour which is a global movement for the planet encouraging us to all join the movement and turn off the lights. 

In celebration of having participated in Earth Hour Timex is showed its commitment via an interactive microsite counting down the seconds until Earth Hour 2015.
On the microsite, you could make your own pledge, telling Timex how you used your “Time to Glo” during Earth Hour to positively impact the planet, and they’ll donate $1 to the movement (up to $50,000) for every pledge shared via social (just include #TimetoGLO) in your post.

I pledged this past weekend  to turn my lights off, light some candles, sit on my fire escape with my roommate and enjoy New York City. What did you do when it was  #TimetoGLO ?

On another cool note I'm giving away a Timex watch (seen here) One lucky winner will be picked art random. I'll announce the winner via social Wednesday Morning. 
Rules are super easy:

Leave a comment below about how you take the time to enjoy the simple things in life!