{Ultrabook – The Style Contest}

Top: Pima Doll, shorts: Choies, Sandals: Choies, hat: Rag & Bone, bracelet: Necklace: Jennifer Zeuner / Cat & Bot, rings: CC Skye / Karen London bag: Saint Laurent

I can be such a tech nerd which is why I'm really excited to share with you this new & super cool giveaway.
We all have our own style, if we didn't then we'd all be robots or a weird version of the crazy planet from the movie "A Wrinkle in time" remember when all the kids looked & acted the same..it was scary, I had nightmares for days. Well with Ultrabook there is a style to fit each of our own.

Here's how to enter:

*Take the  Ultrabook Style Quiz.*
  (it's really simple and I mean...who doesn't love taking online quizzes it's like what fuels my very being)

When you find out what style you are head on over the their Pinterest page

When you're all done share your link on their FB page and voila..
(I'm pretty sure 90% of you have your own FB tab open so this should be a piece of cake)


*There are 6 winners in each category who will receive their chosen Ultabook and $500 to Rakuten.*

And in case you were wondering my style is Ultrabook Slider ;)