Destination: First date outfit

1st date outfit

I don't think us girls help each other out enough when It comes to what we should wear on a first date. We tell each other what blush to wear or what pants make our legs look longer (and thinner *cough*)...but what should we wear if we like the guy and what if we sorta want a 2nd date? He wasn't as boring as you thought he was going to be and his fingernails were clean..yeah I look at everything.
And I think you guys should check Alexuss..has anyone heard of Alexuss Taylor?...Yeah well check it out here. She's a little nutso! She talks about how we are a temple and yada yada..I'm not gonna talk about it on here cause I don't want to be a weirdo but yeah...check her out it's hilarious.

*obviously this is my opinion for a 1st date and what I would wear*

(left to right)
Jumper: Choies
Jace bra: Stella McCartney
Wallet: Vlieger & Vandam
Purple boots: Acne
Shorts: J Brand

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