T & Boyfriend Jeans

Top: L' Abeyor, jeans: Joes Jeans, bracelet: L' Abeyor, necklace: Duarts Jems

Photography: Morgane Bonnet Lay

I love being comfortable, I think that's a given. If we've been on my site before the first remarkable thing would be the fact I hardly ever wear any heels and I hate following fads I enjoy being barefoot or in Nike's. When I travel back home to Biarritz you will fine me in boyfriend jeans and comfy shirts like this one from La Beyor. I hate thinking, I think that's the problem...Just wake up wash your face, put on some cream and stuff your bag for the beach...or head to your friends house to enjoy a pool party which is just what I did until I discovered my friends lil pup just waiting to have her belly scratched haha I feel terrible cause I forgot her name but believe me she was so very precious.
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