Table talk

bush2 copy

Dress: Zara, hat: H&M, ring: Melinda Maria

Photography: Morgane Bonnet Lay

Bought this dress while I was in Barcelona. I grew up on Zara as a kid and remember it never ever being this cool. It's where my mom went to get me the basic's or If I wanted to go out with my girlfriends I'd buy a black top that showed off my shoulders a little and I'd pair it with black skinny jeans and some broken in flats. Instant chic for the 9th grader guys. Now a days I dress a little differently. Although I'm still a sucka for basics or picnic table designs like this little retro dress I wore in Biarritz.
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Music for your morning:
Blackbird Blackbird: So sorry girl
Grimes: Nightmusic