Cranberry sunsets


top: My Line, skirt: My Line, shoes: Nina Z, bag: Cambridge Satchel, ring: Belargo , hat: Otte

So apparently it's Memorial day weekend...coulda fooled me. I'd probably forget it was Christmas or my own birthday if I wasn't reminded all the time. Not sure what I'm doing this weekend. I always find that  stuff like this is just another excuse to go out and do even less then what you were going to do anyways. Maybe I'm wrong...i'm probably wrong. 
Wore some of my most comfiest basic's over the weekend. These simple pieces will take me right into fall and also are great layering pieces. And we all know I love to layer it's like my "thing". I layer cause I'm cold...not sure if anyone picked up on that one yet haha, but I'm always cold.

Songs i'm listening to: