Fresh Beauty


Top: Chelsea And Walker

*This post is in partnership with Le Petit Marseillais My favorite thing about being a woman is the pampering, the taking care of yourself and the sweet scents. Now you don't have to be a woman to enjoy these things but it's just one of the perks. I like to look as effortless as possible when traveling so I only pack what I need and the products I trust the most, like a light face oil and a soft under eye cream. I never pack any foundation, I don't need any extra layers melting off my face. Something I am notorious for is forgetting to pack deodorant. Sometimes I use my boyfriends, which has been smelling like pine needles. Personally that isn't my scent so that’s why I always bring my own body wash. I packed Le Petit Marseillais™ Orange Blossom Body Wash on my recent trip to Bali and it was the perfect fragrance of fresh floral.   Now for the fun part: Enter Le Petit Marseillais sweepstakes for a chance win a trip for two to Marseille. This is such an amazing trip! You have nothing to lose,  check it out here an