Mid summer blues


Top: Vintage

Skirt: Reformation

Hat: Janessa leone

Photography: Frankie Marin

So far this summer has been one of the best summers so far. That is if you don't count the summer I turned 17, now that was one to remember. I think that was the summer Ben jumped off the cliff  and broke his arm cause he hit the water all weird, he wasn't able to surf all summer. We all felt bad for Ben, but cracked jokes anyways. I've been super into Esty lately. I feel Like I'm super late to the game but better late than never right? I got this vintage top for for about 30 bucks the other week. I got so lucky with the sizing because it fits perfectly ! I'm just getting started with this whole vintage shopping on Esty but wanted to share some of my favs, and since we're sharing n all would love to check out some of your personal favs too

Blossom Blue Vintage (this is where i got the white blouse shown above)

Jess Amity

Dallas Vintage Couture