1 – 2 – 3 Pure Clay Mask

I feel as if this post needs no introduction. If you're an avid snapchat viewer than you already know my love for facemask! I feel the need to try out every single mask on the market, so when L'Oreal I was one of the first to get my hands on it.
I tried out all three of the L'oreal products  I'll let you know my favorite at the end!
Pure Clay Exfoliate & Refining Treatment mask
I really liked this one! The texture is really smooth and doesn't flake like other exfoliating masks I've tried in the past. Another major factor for me is that it can be used on all skin types. That's something I always look at, since I have pretty dry skin. It left my skin feeling super smooth, my skin also felt healthy.

Pure Clay Purifying & Mattifying Treatment Mask

This mask smells amazing, I feel like I'm at the spa, it's also super easy to apply! I personally like to feel a mask is "working" which is why I like the slight tingling cooling effect. I could have left this mask on forever but obviously after the 10mins were up I rinsed it off. I was really impressed by this particular mask, my skin felt and looked fresher. I'd recommend this mask for anyone who has a late night or just in need of a little energy face boost.
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Pure Clay Detox & Brighton Treatment Mask
I used this mask on my trouble zones. The T zone. I was afraid that It would only make those parts dryer, but honestly It made them brighter! I felt clean and although a little messy like most mask are this I really felt as though I was giving my face a deep clean.

As much as I love all three products and continue to use each one whenever I'm on the go I have to say #2 is my favorite!! I LOVE the smell I love the way my face feels after and I really love the cooling effect it has on my skin. Again this is just my personal opinion, excited to see which one is you favorite I'd love to hear your thoughts!

L’Oréal makeup courtesy of & in partnership with L’Oréal Paris