A day in the life

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Every morning when I wake up it's the same. Pick out an outfit, drown myself in rose tea and then put on some makeup. But ya know doing what I do, means extra time goes into every little detail. Every outfit tells a story, and since the first thing you see when you greet someone new is their face it makes sense to spend a little extra time on it, for makeup it's all in the texture. Adding a cat eye is similar to your favorite signature necklace. I always tend to rock a small cat eye, it's my personal signature adding a dewy eyeshadow, and ripped jeans for a slight edgy look. I like to look and feel good, carefully picking out pieces that really represent who I am. My makeup, which I really think I've been rather good at lately, has to look flawless and on occasion match my mood & outfit. I've been really into soft blushes, nude lips and smokey eyes.
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January was a little all over the place, never quite in one spot for more than a handful of days. Since my job is full of surprises I like to make sure I keep my makeup routine the same.
earth tone eye shadows
Worn in blue Jeans
Easy blouses (day to night)
It's easy and looks effortless.
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Top: Oscar de la Renta, jeans: Denim & Supply, shoes: Chole, Cardigan: COS, bag: Elizabeth & James Photography: Sam Deitch
 9am you'll find me sitting on the floor surrounded by makeup, I like to mix my foundation in a little bowl before I apply it to my face (little habit of mine) I LOVE LOVE matte foundation because it keeps my face looking smooth. I'm not joking it's the real deal ladies.
It glides on and leaves my skin feeling soft. Also since I'm all about that summer glow even in the winter, it's best to use a matte foundation and then apply some face oil over the cheekbones after. If not your entire face looks shiny, which is why I use Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint. Keeps the skin completely natural looking while providing sheer to medium coverage. Whether it's matching ripped jeans with a lace trop or a suede skirt with a leather jacket, texture is where every outfit begins.
Although it might not seem like much, all these different elements really add to who I am and my personal brand. I like to look and feel good at the same time starting with my beauty routine.