The Good Deed Bracelet….

UntitledUntitledUntitledUntitled Top: Shop Saul, Pants: Vintage, Jacket: The Frankie Shop, bag: Urban Originals, Bracelet: 100 Good Deed Photography: Michelle Mosqueda  Sometimes living in New York and can make you a bit tough, slighter harder and occasionally not as polite as you'd like to be because you want things done yesterday and for some the world revolves around them. I'd like to think that this side of living in a big city has not yet affected me which is why when spoken to about the 100 Good deed bracelets I was immediately intrigued. You're probably wondering what makes these beads so special. The idea behind this campaign is pretty fantastic One deed. One bead. One act of kindness at a time, all part of an international movement for positive change. The bracelet comes in a variety of different colors but I chose clay because I have a serious soft spot for anything earth tone.
The bracelet is both a call to do good deeds and a strategy to empower women. it enables us to count our good deeds, however small, until we reach 100, at which point you gift the bracelet to someone else.
I have a younger brother that I don't see very often so it's really important for me to be a good example and show kindness whenever possible, my father was the same way he's a contractor and has a tendency to go above and beyond for people sometimes even going as far as working for free just to "Do you a solid"....he's honestly a Saint.Untitled Untitled There is no "small" deed and being kind is not hard to do, I have a tendency to not be able to walk into a store without asking a person begging for food if they are hungry and would like something. I once had a guy ask if he could come in with me and show me what he wanted haha, we ended up also buying food for his dog. He was really funny and it felt nice helping someone out. Please take a look at the other bracelets and find a color that represents you, it's a nice little do some good :)