Summing up Summer


Oversized men's shirt: Bought in a boutique in Corsica, shaving cream: EOS

Here's the thing, I'm lazy. If you are my friend you know that although I'm pretty spastic and my mind runs on lighting speed. I'd always rather be sleeping or sitting or at the beach ( I threw the beach part in there cause it's hot). This is basically how I've kickstarted summer:
  Going to the beach, sleeping, listening to music and taking photos on my polaroid oh and shaving cause I'm a girl and EOS is best shaving cream ever. I'm not's just perfect. I don't know about you but I really love a good bath I pretty much invented the whole " bath time ritual. Taking your time putting on a face mask, bath salts and shaving your legs. It's the one thing that I just love doing I know I sound a little nutty, but I know we can all relate. ME time.

Having a week off before a busy month was something I didn't even think I needed, but I did. I really did! Now I'm currently planning my yearly Biarritz trip which is more like a reunion. Every summer all my friends and I go back to our home town and have sleep overs at each others houses. And when I say houses it's our parents mind you we are all in our late 20's and we still act like 17 year olds.  We ride around on our scooters with baguettes and wine and picnic at the beach till the sun goes down (this sounds like a movie but we do this). Then we hang out at the cafe and flirt with the boys we had crushes on in high school.

Being a girl is awesome...