Turning 27

Top: L'ecole des femmes, shorts: A Gold E , shoes: French Connection, bag: A/X

I turned 27 yesterday. Everyone says this is suppose to be a good year. But they say that about every birthday. 26 was an interesting year, I did a lot of growing. Things that were important then aren't anymore and the same goes for when I look back at when I was 16. My dad use to always tell me something really interesting whatever I was worried, when I would cry about boys or friends or whatever my silly mind was sad about  he's laugh and said this doesn't matter..I mean having a boy I liked kiss another girl at a party was a HUGE DEAL... haha I wanna laugh when I think of all the stuff that use to upset me...

  I'm really excited for this new chapter. A brand NEW YEAR!  Kicking it off in a shirt I picked up on one of my daily walks. 
I feel like this shirt is perfect for starting 27 off on the right foot.