On tour with #DenimEye: Primavera diary



Photography: Lee Olivera

I can't think of a better way to end May then my trip to Barcelona with Diesel for the Primavera Sound festival.  This was my second time in this beautiful city and hopefully not my last. Although for my own health I should probably just steer clear of cities with amazing tapas since when I travel I eat everything in site.

I always say If you're going to go to a music festival than bring a friend, which is why I forced Serena to come with me. Not a lot of forcing was involved actually.


Working with Diesel as their Denim Eye ambassador was such an amazing opportunity, my head is still spinning from all the wonderful memories I made in Barcelona and the new friends I made. If you followed me on Snapchat (trop_rouge) than you probably saw snippest of The Strokes concert  and Patti Smith's set which was pretty unforgettable, also she looks amazing....so same.


I wore head to toe Diesel the entire festival which really brought me back because I remember when I was in high school all I wanted was a pair of Diesel's because that's what all the cool kids wore.  having a pair of Diesel jeans was basically the essence of my well being...
I never got a pair cause I didn't have a job and my mother was not keep on spending money on something she thought I would either lose...or get dirty.

But now I have like 5 pairs so there.

Sunglasses are the biggest accessory at any festival. The #Denimeye sunglass collection is all about denim which is fine by me since that basically my favorite fabric. The collection as whole really touches that inner rebel spirt without throwing it in your face, I love the edgy details on each piece, the shorts happen to be one of my favorite pieces mainly cause of the studding.

Check out more of the #denimeye sunglasses collection here

This post was in partnership with Diesel