The Halter


Did your mind explode yet, are you scrolling down to see if I turned the dress into a tank top to wear with baggy jeans? ( that I think of it, would be a really cool idea). Summer is the only season I feel like a a real girl guys! I hope my mom reads my blog cause she'd be happy to see my transition of teenage angst to basically just dressing like a girl. 


Sometimes before I meet her she'll text me asking if I'll wearing "something nice". God forbid I show up in a baseball hat and cut off's. She takes it as a personal attack, thinking I went out of my way to "look bad" My favorite is when she says this in a sad voice as if she's about to break out in tears.

" Did you do this on purpose, Are you dressing like this to hurt me ?"

Yes mother... because I never want to get married. It's quite possibly the funniest thing ever. Oh mom, I love you.

Dress: EXPRESS, Hat: Worth & Worth, shoes: Kenneth Cole

I picked up this red Express halter dress just after I got back a week in the British Virgin Islands, it's perfect length to show off my bike shorts and pretend I'm at the beach again.