{ Lola Smart } Shu Uemura x Yaz Bukey

Photography: Serena Goh

My friends who know me well know that if they need anything makeup related, I'm the go to person. I own a product in every color. Even though I don't wear much myself, I do love to have options.
 I really do love makeup and I love Paris based jewelry designer Yaz Bukey’s Plexiglas signature accessories. The adorable packaging and pop-art color palette of the Yazbukey for shu uemura summer artist collaboration collection really stands out and I'm excited to be apart of their newest #AlterShuGo influencer campaign!!


Most of the time my style as well as my makeup routine is pretty easy going & natural, but with this collection, I took on the challenge to show my #AlterShuGo side. Smart Lola: smart, reserved, sharp well centered and understated which is why I went with a sweet pink matte lip" and paired it with "retro styled waves, denim off the shoulder top.
Mr. Uemura once said " I strongly believe that makeup should enhance a person's individuality.." And I couldn't agree with him more. 

Green happens to be one of my favorite colors yet I never thought of wearing it like this. Usually I tend to keep my lids clean, but I absolutely love the idea of channeling my AlterShu and honestly these colors are more wearable than you'd imagine. Especially with my skin tone. The green really brings out my tan, courtesy of St. Thomas (haha).


You can shop all four of the #AlterShuGo personalities in the make-up collection 

Daring Tina
Smart Lola
 Romantic Betty
Sexy Yaz

The 29 piece makeup collection is out now so you check out all the different personalities and create a look of your own, can't wait to see what you all come up with! 
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