{AG Hair} The refresh


Top: Jeans: A Gold E, Dry Shampoo: AG Hair

photography: Serena Goh

I've always been the type of person to hesitate when it comes to using dry shampoo. I always thought it was the product girls with straight hair used. Wrong. Actually very wrong! Us curly hair'd girls can use this too. It's now one of the first things I pack when traveling or if I need to refresh my hair real quick.

 I recently discovered this new dry shampoo from a great brand called AG Hair and not only does it give you that refreshed feeling we all need after that day-old blowout ( you know what I'm talking about), but you can also pick a color that matches to your own hair color for a perfect blend.
 Brought it with me to Paris because I can't stand doing my hair when I'm traveling and packed the tiny travel-sized one in my bag everyday. 

We all apply products differently but if you see the photos above I take the top part of my bangs and make a tiny bun then spray the side parts, a little in the top middle and then shake. Sometimes I just need that extra shine & touch up, and this stuff really, really works!