{ France } Pageboy

Blouse: Zara, vest: Vintage, pants: COS, shoes, Stories, socks: Cos, hat: Otte NY

Dressing like one of the boys comes second nature to me. I'd not necessary call myself a "tomboy" even though I might have thrown that word around in the past. I'm actually not quite sure what to call my style..it's a bit of everything but most of all it's me..it's a complete and total reflection of my personality, it's how I speak without using any words at all.

Took these photos on one of my last days in Paris. Being back in France gives me so much peace, my mind is at rest and my heart isn't racing from New York's non stop energy. I picked up this vest at a vintage store when I was in Portland and glad I did so because I feel like this is something I'll be wearing a lot more of. I use to wear them in high school among a list of  many other embarrassing things that will never be mentioned. 

Have any high school throw back outfits that now make you now cringe?