Navy & White

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Coat: Forever 21, dress: Other Stories, boots: ASH, bag: Jack Germain

Trending in my brain: Oversized everything, chunky boots and short hair I can no longer put into a bun, which actually makes me sad cause I miss my long hair but it was getting damaged and I needed it to grow and not fall off. 

New York has been getting these on and off hot days, so whenever I get a chance to pretend it's actually Fall I take full advantage.  Forever 21 has launched a new premium outerwear collection that I obviously had to get my hands on. I love a big oversized winter white for cold days. Its's the perfect way to add that extra layer onto an outfit. I decided to pair it with an equally oversized dress to edge up the outfit, keeping it tomboy chic. The coat has such a chic vibe to it that pairing it with something baggy gave it that downtown vibe.