The same but different

Cardigan: Stories, Sweater: Primary New York, leggings: American Eagle, hat: Worth & Worth, socks: Woolrich, sandals: Teva, Socks: Woolrich bag: American Apparel.

I feel like my outfits roll in to each other. Same template different day sorta thing. I love the feeling of constancy and the fact that my entire wardrobe is different shades of the same. I've been cleaning out my room, decluttering and getting rid of a lot things. My teva's are not one of them, If you follow me on Instagram then you've probably seen my infamous morning coffee runs in them . Wore these the other day in SoHo. I felt like being comfortable, plus I've always been known to pretty much do my own thing when getting dressed. 
Teva teamed up with the classic American brand Woolrich on an exciting collaboration. Teva's iconis Original Universal, paired with matching Woolrich socks...that I've also conveniently matched with my sweater cause yolo.
Available at,, and select Urban Outfitters locations. I actually have my eye on an all black pair cause I feel like I don't have enough black in my wardrobe, just kidding, but you get it.