The beat on the streets

Photo by Morgan Bonnet Lay
Top: Topshop, pants: Topshop, hat: Clyde, shoes: Coach, bag: Elizabeth & James

sweater dress: Zara, boots: Coach, bag: Kenneth Cole,

Photography: Morgan Bonnet Lay

I'm a woman of habit, habits that are difficult to break. My typical East Village morning consist of coffee runs and an overpriced croissants over at the Third rail on 2nd and 9th. Mudd is another favorite coffee shop of mine and conveniently located in my neighborhood.
I enjoy looking somewhat presentable in the morning and since the last couple of mornings have been rather chilly, sweaters (even if cropped) are necessary. If you catch me in the morning you will see me in oxfords, a hat, cropped baggy pants and coffee in hand!

When I'm traveling abroad and even when I'm in East Village, I love to explore new places when I have time in my day. I love walking and wandering around, turning down streets I've never ventured own before, it's a great way discover hidden gems.

Night time for me is all about having fun yet still being cozy (my astrology sign is Cancer so that might play a factor)! If I'm going to wear heels then I have to be the coziest person at the bar. I also have to be the cutest.. which is why pants are always an option and suede boots are a must. I love oversized sweaters and anything chunky for that matter. Especially since we are entering fall, these things are just no brainers.
I tend to stay on my side of town. Like a stoop kid who doesn't leave the stoop, I consider myself an East Village girl who doesn't leave EV. Same bar, different day and same kids just different nights. 7th Street and Avenue A (formally known as 'hell corner') is my go to and now since Max Fish decided to reopen that's also a new spot of mine - mainly because of the pin ball machineโ€ฆ Not the hot skaters that go there, just the pin ball machine, I swear!