Day to night | Fall

Shirt: J Brand, sweater vest: Ann Taylor, leggings: Ann Taylor, bag: Ann Taylor, shoes: Ann Taylor, bracelet: Boera, Sunnies: Spy

I want to wear everything with white t's and I usually do. I try and achieve the day to night look by changing a few things around. Adding a staple, removing my sandals and putting on some makeup. Instant facelift and gratification. My tomboy vibez are cool for the afternoon and all but sometimes when I have to got to dinner and there aren't enough hours in the day my pitstop home has to be a quick and easy one. Basically switched out flats for hight and took off the comfy sweater for a more night time look and stacked on some rings. I try to pick one piece and build around it, these leather leggings from Ann Taylor was the perfect staple to play off of. Adding some edgy pieces and a bold hair style flipped it from day time causal to dinner with friends.

Off to London today, follow me here to see what I'm up to!
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