{ Vera Wang } Pop Giveaway

Jumpsuit: Ramy Brook, shoes: Adidas, ring: Karen London. Leopard top: Banana Republic. shorts: Hurley.

August hasn't even started yet and I already feel like it's gone and over with. This month has been all about traveling and adventures. I'm not ready for summer to be over with...i'm not ready to let go!!! I've also not been able to get my hands off the new Vera Wang sent, my late nights have been spent playing on their Facebook page, creating my own Pop Art Princess portrait, I suggest you give it a look cause I've been taking funny photos of Bonnie all week turing her into a pop art princess...she yells at me but I know she loves them. #BestRoommateEver. Decided to have a pretty easy going Sunday by throwing on my one shoulder jumpsuit and naturally some sweet smellin' perfume by Vera Wang.

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