{NYC Diaries} Paris in Brooklyn by Justin Bridges


Photography: Justin Bridges

Really love Justin Bridges work, he really knows how to capture a moment...check out more of his work here We shot these pictures in my East Village apartment.


Summer in the city has it's highs and lows. Depending on how you use your time life can be great or your days can go slow and slowly melt you away.  I just turned 26 and I feel the same. I still feel young and I still feel the same excitement I've always felt, but something's different. Not quite sure what yet, but I know it's something. I think maybe I've gotten my heart stomped on one too many times. These last two years have been tough on me and have helped me grow into the woman I am today and for that I wouldn't change a thing!!!
 If you are coming to NYC to fall in love I hate to break it to you...you probably won't but that's not a bad thing...because falling in love with yourself is better...plus when Open Ceremony has a sale it's killer and clothes tend to last longer than men here.