{PANDORA} Birthday Gurl is 26


Styled with the Star sign Cancer, Trust and health charms from the Star sign Essence Collection

Dress: Cameo The Label, Bracelet: PANDORA, shoes: Birkenstocks

I feel like this post says it all. It's my birthday!!!  I mean could I be chees'in any harder holding that giant cupcake? I can't believe I'm already 26 years old!!!! Man time has flown by. I feel like this past year I've grown so much and discovered who Christina Caradona is..I feel like I have so much more to learn about myself and it gives me the chills to think that I have yet to meet so many more people and hear so many more jokes...I don't have any jokes left I'm all out!!! 
Decided to start off this new year in a new dress and new jewels. When I turned 13 I was given a charm bracelet and with the obsessive behavior I had and ...still I became crazy about charms. Being 13 I was naturally crazy about anything but charms were "my thing" and I had quite the collection so in honor of my 13 year old self I decided to wear my PANDORA bracelet from the Star Sign Essence Collection. If you follow me on my Tumblr or Instagram then you know I'm really into astrology so it makes sense my beads reflect my personality . I only have three for now : My Sign (Cancer) and it's values Trust and Health

Since it's my birthday and all and the birthday girl gets what she wants, PANDORA and I are hosting a giveaway!
 It's super easy to enter! All you have to do is follow  PANDORA on Instagram & leave a comment below with your sign! Winner will win a bracelet with their star sign and two corresponding charms to match their sign! I really live in this bracelet because of how easy to wear and stackable it is.

Congratulations to Nikki You are the Pandora winner!! 
Thank you to everyone who entered!! Have a great summer