{CFDA} Something exciting…


Photo: Russ Neipp

Somthing uber exciting happened yesterday! CFDA nominated me for Fashion Instagrammer of the Year award! I know right so cool! I'm beyond honored, Also was super confused because I'm really not that cool, but I'll take it!

Would love if you took the time to vote for me it’s super easy!
And When I say it's super easy it's not like you have to go on this page and find the lucky star then capture the flag.
Haha...All you have to do it follow me on Instagram and when you like photos of mine with the hashtag:
  #MyCFDA to cast your vote. So whenever I post a picture and use that hashtag and you like it I counts as a vote. :)

Check out the other nomineee here, but don't check them out too hard cause remember you're voting for me...right..RIGHT?
jk but really tho.