{Soundtracks to my life} Memories from my head


Photography : Sam Livm

Sometimes I feel like my life needs a soundtrack for all the moments that leave an imprint on my life, for the times I cry or the moments that leave me smiling or laughing till I can't breath, these songs bring me back to a place with feelings I've experienced or people I've met. Any favorites?

Grimes - Rosa
Balkans - Troubled and done
Warm Soda - Someone for you
Pixies - Caribou
Crystal Stilts - Precarious stair
Washed out - Eyes be closed
Fleet Foxes - He doesn't know why
Broadcast - Illumination
Devandra Banhart - Bad Girl

Also I never just put songs in any order, this is a particular order for a the soundtrack of a period in my life...the last song is...I have no words, it's my favorite.

Any songs that bring you back to a time?