Fresh Cut


Jacket: 6 Shore Road,  jeans: Genetic Denim

Photography: Russ Neipp

Starting fresh this spring with a new layout and outfit post. It's about time I know...
This is FAR from done, I'm very excited to start adding tabs, as you can see I already added a search button so you can navigate from that for the time being. Prepare youreself for a bunch of exciting categories and and dedicated days.
I'm open to anything more you'd like to see on the site, keep in mind this is not the finished product, but a work in progress.

(I'm open to an advice, I had some trouble whether or not to keep this color banner or if I should make it black. Also see the 1st photo in my photo series? What if I made my face the header with Trop Rouge on the overlapping...)

Also this jacket won't be out till August, thought I'd show it off early since it's legit sick. I'll post again when a link is available for purchase.