{Shoeline.com} High cropped.

Top: Topshop, skirt: UO, shoes: Shoeline.com, nail rin: CC Skye, cuff: Giles and Brother, necklace: Jennifer Zeuner,

I'm really happy that it's slightly warmer weather in New York while I post this. Otherwise looking at  me in a crop top would be a sight for sore eyes...not because it's me...it's just me in something other than a huge oversized turtleneck covering my whole body and face. I think I speak for everyone when I say "this winter is too long!" that goes for everyone that is enduring a crazy annoying winter, not just us annoying complainy New Yorker's. 
Really wanted to share with you the last look of my Shoeline.com shoot we shot this over in the Meat Packing district, one of my favorite areas to shop! This is basically the level of height I go for when wearing a heel, I'm such a  flats sorta girl it's nuts!

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