Sunday Oblivion

Was lucky enough this weekend to have one warm day out of this Polor Vortex we are having! The only thing that has been keeping me alive this past month has been my my down Melle Plume jacket. I'm not even joking when I say I don't leave the house without it and brought it with me to Sundance. Might have went a little overboard with the no tights deal But I couldn't help it. At one point this weekend it was 50 degrees out, seriously can not let that type of weather go to waste! It's how versatile the jacket is that really intrigues me, worn alone or hidden under my favorite coat. It's the little French touch to my outfit. I picked this one up at the Comptoir des Cotonniers store in SoHo (you can also get them at other stores around NY)
Comptoir des Cotonniers is also giving away this jacket. 5 lucky readers have the possibility to win this jacket or a $100 gift card. By leaving a comment I will at random pick 5 winners. Contest ends Saturday. Good Luck!