Denim dressing

jacket: Numph, jumpsuit: Zara, sunnies: Prada, rings: Melinda Maria.

This week has been all about gift giving for me. It just so happens that I live with a bunch of Sagittarius's who's birthday all fall in the same month. My mom and my brother are only 10 days apart and right before Christmas! I don't have to look very far cause I know for a fact both my mother and my brother love sunglasses! The Sunglass Hut has a variety of festive styles and designer brands that my family and friends love. I picked out these Prada sunglasses just the other day at The Sunglass Hut when attempting to shop for my mother. I really couldn't help myself! My brother and I are going back next week, because I saw some other sunglasses (here) and Gucci ones she'd really love. As a bother and sister we still split everything for the holidays and I still have to write his name down on cards cause his handwriting has not evolved past 5th grade level.
Hope everyone is having an amazing week! Would love to know what you'll be giving as gifts this year!!