Mark Makers Timberland

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  1st look) hat: Otte, jacket: Acne, shorts: Paige, boots: Timberland, 2nd look) puff jacket: Timberland, top: Brashy Couture, jeans: Guess, boots: Timberland, bracelet:  3rd look) jacket: Timberland,  jeans: Joes Jeans, boots: Timberland, ring: Melinda Maria

Really excited to share with you my collaboration with Timberland. Like always I love working with brands I can really connect with. We shot around my neighbored in the East Village, 1st stop was at Cloak and Dagger one of my favorite boutiques full of  perfectly selected vintage. After that we roamed around the area making it back to my place and hung out on my fire escape.  You can check out my interview below and see more of the collection and other Mark Makers here.