Stripes and Spots


Top: Ann Taylor, coat: Jennyfer, skirt: Sonia by Sonia Rvkiel, boots: Acne, bag: Saint Laurent, ring: Karen London.

It's now cold enough to throw on the fall coat we've all been keeping in storage these past months. I went for a more polished black and white look this past week. I seriously love mixing patterns I secretly feel like an artist which I know makes no sense as all, but I can't draw so this is as close as I'll get to becoming Picasso...

I've noticed a lot of sparked interest in my new hairstyle and cut, I've been letting it grow out and going for a more modern day retro style I think it compliments my style and well and my mother use to have this style at my age so I feel like in a way I'm becoming my mother, which in this case might not be such a bad thing.
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 Hair tip: I brush out my hair then use a 1inch iron. Curing and pinning it...then brushing it out slowly. (no promises on a video tutorial...but i'll try!)