Day & night

1st look: Jacket: Topshop, pants: Loft, top: xs,s,m,l shoes: Matt Bernson, bag: The Frye Company, 2nd look: Bracelet: Karen London, watch: La Mer Collections, shoes: Topshop, hat: Otte. bag: Tommy Hilfiger, 

I may have mentioned this before but I'm a girl who is always the go..I literally have three different sized suitcases in my room (I live in an apartment in the East Village and space is a luxury) I never know when I'm going to have to make a quick business dinner, date or plane for that matter, I wish I was kidding, I am about the dates though, since I'm single for life. Thats why when I was asked to be a part of LOFT's "Love Your Pants" campaign, I immediately said yes.
 What really drew me to this project is that LOFT spent 2 years developing and designing the perfect pair of pants based on customer feedback. Then they made these small adjustments to the key areas us ladies are the most concerned about...and seriously it doesn't matter what size we are, we always want out legs to look long and a butt looking cute. The rear...high and tight right? Okay i'll stop but you get the idea. 

The redesigned pants come in 45 different options, fits, fabric, print colors and leg shapes to suit all our needs and styles. But as you might see I chose the Marisa Plaid Ankle Pants in petite, I love showing a little ankle and summer is over so it's back to plaid. If you'd like to make your own pair make sure to buy them on Sep 7th. Each pair of pants bought that day LOFT will donate a piece of clothing to Fashion Delivers (an organization that helps women in need)

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