Little lovers


Dress: Lovers and Friends, shoes: Schutz Shoes, bag: Givenchy, necklace: Jennifer Zeuner, ring: Melinda Maria

I leave for Copenhagen today with H&M and couldn't be more excited to attend Roskild festival! It's going to be an insane trip! Really wish I could bring this dress but knowing me and how I am around anything thats muddy i'll be covered by the first day. So I've saving this little number for when I go back to Biarritz in a week!
A bunch of my friends and I received this same Lovers and Friends dress Bethany of Snakes Nest, Jacey of Damsel in Dior and Kiara of Tobruck Ave. It's so interesting to see how we all had a different take on styling this summer dress. 
 I Wore this outfit over the weekend as an attempt to channel my inner girl side. It's been so SO humid here in New York this was the perfect dress for a hot day.

I have my hair wrapped up in a towel  as I'm typing and clothes scattered EVERYWHERE. I have yet to actually finish packing for my flight! Talk to you all in a few!
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**Note: I shaved, but have no idea what that mystery shadow is under my arms! hahaha.