It’s a girl thing

jacket: Joe's Jeans, shirt: Three Dots, shorts: Rebecca Taylor or here, shoes: Sigerson Morrison, glasses: Guess, watch: La Mer Collections, rings: Melinda Maria, purse: Supertrash

California was rad, but now I'm back and sorry for the absence, I don't think I've gone this long in not posting since forever. Obviously always and forever active on Instagram so feel free to follow me cause I just go this mesh dress by Motelrocks that Justin is convinced is a slip...but it's not, it's a dress and I don't care what anyone says cause I feel like I look like a devilish doll...

Decided to break out the heels, I think something we've all noticed here is that I never wear's not like it's not my thing or anything, cause let be honest heels are always going to be some sort of thing thing, because i'm a girl.
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